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ProcessModel Basics I Training The Number One Blunder in Process Improvement and What to Do About It

Learn about the biggest problems organizations face in business process improvement and discover key ways you can address and resolve these problems.
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Ten Questions You Need to Answer Before Buying Any Process Improvement Tools

With the myriad of process improvement tools available today, how do you choose the tool that is right for you? Learn about important questions and aspects of a tool to consider before you purchase a solution.
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Three Tricks for Developing Better Models

Scott Baird, President of ProcessModel, Inc. shares insightful tips for building models quickly and accurately.
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Discover 9 Critical Factors to Help Six Sigma Deliver the Money

Is all the money you are spending on Six Sigma really improving the bottom line? The consultants say yes, but the managers we've spoken with see many projects fall short of the mark. Discover nine critical factors to help Six Sigma deliver the money.
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How can you get LEAN when the FAT keeps moving?

The only way to get truly LEAN (as opposed to superficial "spot reduction") is to understand and work the whole system.
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Simulations and Kaizens

This paper presents a case study using simulation to support a design Kaizen for a proposed manufacturing line, and the results of using simulation to support the Kaizens
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Forget the Buzzwords: Fix the Process FIRST!

Face it - there's a lot of hype about the next "silver bullet" solution, and it comes from many directions. Learn why it is important to focus on solving process deficiencies before jumping the on latest buzzword solutions.
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