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Healthcare Success Stories

Premier — Premier optimizes the process for transcription, processing and delivery of prescription medications.

Veteran's Administration — Consulting firm, Dynamics Research, identifies inefficiencies in the billing and collections process for the VA's new customer accounts center.

Technology/IT Success Stories

Owens Corning — Information Systems team uses ProcessModel to work out glitches in the system design process.

Imation — ProcessModel enables consulting team to tailor technology solutions to customer's unique needs and achieve buy-in.

Federal Aviation Administration — FAA saves millions in hardware and software purchases by understanding exact operational needs for concurrent users.

Financial Services/Document Flow Success Stories

GE Capital — Six Sigma project restructures team and reduces turnaround time by 58% in credit approval process.

Fannie Mae — Fannie Mae defines a new level in efficiency for their entire industry.

Thiokol — ProcessModel helps Thiokol streamline their processes for obtaining patents on intellectual property, saving millions on potential lost revenue.

Manufacturing Success Stories

Custom Windows — Using ProcessModel in their Lean initiative, Custom Windows increases throughput by 23% saving $700,000 and 2,000 square feet of floor space.

CMI — Heavy machinery manufacturer saves $1.5 million in a single project.

Becton Dickinson — Medical device manufacturer uses ProcessModel to increase production by 14% and avoids $1 million in capital spending.

Kodak — Management and workers in Rochester, NY uses ProcessModel to see the whole picture of how manufacturing systems really work.

Wyman-Gordon Casting — Wyman Gordon uses process simulation to reduce work in process and figure out how to meet an increasingly complex order schedule.

Steelcase — Office furniture manufacturer optimizes kanban reorder levels, reduces floor space requirements and saves more than $100,000 per facility.

Hangers — Hangers uses process simulation to simulate efficiency of central dry cleaning plant and achieves an increase of 10,000 garment throughput without incurring overtime.

Customer Service/Call Center Success Stories

Galileo International — Galileo uses ProcessModel to analyze various 'what-is' scenarios and streamline sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) implementation.

KPMG — KPMG maximizes their internal Consulting Support Center through process simulations.

Steelcase — Steelcase uses ProcessModel for value stream analysis and reduces the cost of their dealer network by $133 million.

ecFirst.com — ecFirst.com optimizes their call center operations to support e-commerce and reduces abandon rates from 15% to 4%.

Supply Chain/Logistics Success Stories

Andersen AFB — ProcessModel helps increase throughput of refueling systems even while 50% of the refueling hydrants are inoperative.

Qwest — Consulting firm, Systems View, helps Qwest (formerly US West) apply lean principles to the installation and repair of residential phone lines and internet access.

US Air Force — PricewaterhouseCoopers and USAF team up to ensure efficiency in the process for conducting routine maintenance on operational aircraft.

Canada Post — Canada Post save $2 million per year with optimized mail sorting operations at their Hamilton mail processing facility.

Sales and Marketing Success Stories

3M Corporation — Find out how 3M used ProcessModel to reflect huge savings in its sales process.


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