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I think the topics covered were ideal for my needs. The instructor, materials, and objectives in the class far exceeded any of my expectations. The course had an almost perfect mixture of training methods and I look forward to more advanced classes.
Rusty M. - EMC
The course and training was on my expectation. Good course.
Adnan S. - Med-Eng Systems
The hands-on exercises are great. This is one the few training classes that I have attended in which I wasn't bored and unchallenged. Great class & instructor!
Lisa M. - 3M
Excellent course! I am looking forward to using this software immediately. It seems to be a very powerful tools for improvement work.
Adriene M. - SBTI

ProcessModel Basics II Training

What is Basics II training?

ProcessModel Basics II builds on the skills learned in Basics I.  You will continue your training by learning critical skills needed to optimize your processes.    Learn everything you need to set up a model to perform like the real world system to interpreting the output reports.

If you have the learned the skills from Basics I, experienced building your first model, and you want to become proficient at modeling the really tough problems, this course is for you.  Projects managers, operations engineers, process and quality engineers, Six Sigma green belts and black belts, and executive involved in process management would benefit from this course.

You will learn

  • Three tricks to get faster results.
  •  Five pitfalls to avoid in optimizing you model.
  • How to quickly and effectively model complex systems.
  • Detailed use of action logic to mimic actual process details.
  • How to interpret the ProcessModel summary and detail reports.
  • Skills to optimize your model and save tons of hours in finding the best solutions

You should attend Basics II if:

  • You want to improve your capability to write action logic.
  • You want to learn ways of combining constructs in ProcessModel to shorten the time to model and increase results.
  • You want to learn how to have ProcessModel optimize you model and help you find the best combination of solutions to maximize your entire system.
  • You are working on a valuable project that requires excellence in modeling and performance.
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